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Batteries charged and energized for action, the Popzara crew delves deep into CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Follow all the hi-tech action!

Written by Nathan Evans (managing editor)

Few things titillate the techno-set quite like the annual buffet of gadgets, gizmos, and gaggle geeks known to millions as the International Consumer Electronics Show, or just CES to the wink-wink crowd (you know who you are). The Popzara crew are hitting the streets of Sin City and battling against the media scrum to bring you our exclusive coverage of the most exciting bits the tech world has to offer.

Months of drawing straws, and frantic arm-wrestling bouts for the chance to represent in Vegas have led to our very own Chris Mitchell, Herman Exum, and Sam Holloway will be cruising the exhibit aisles and spectacle of CES 2013. We're looking forward to meeting with many of our most cherished (aka rapturous, magnificent) supporters, as well the opportunity to personally manhandle upcoming tech and toys.

But it's no vacation (sorry guys) as we'll be all over the floor, updating like content-starved madmen, sharing the best and brightest of the world's biggest electronics show, and that means the latest in Ultra HDTVs, tablets, phones, robotics, and just about everything packing a circuitry board and a dream. Feel free to socialize with our various Facebook Pages, Google Plus, and Twitter feeds below to get the choicest bits hand-delivered to your anxious eyeballs.

CES 2013: Sony Shows Off 4K HDTV and OLED Displays

CES 2013: Zalman Shows Off Inexpensive mini-ATX Cases

CES 2013: 4K and OLED - The Evolution and Future of HDTV

CES 2013: LG Shows Ultra High-Definition and OLED Displays

CES 2013: Panasonic Shows Prototype Ultra HD, LED Displays

CES 2013: Zotac Shows Off ZBOX Mini-PC Kits and Motherboards

CES 2013: Hisense Shows Gigantic 110" Ultra High-Definition Display

CES 2013: Samsung Shows Off Ultra HD and OLED Displays, S9 Interface

CES 2013: ViewSonic Shows Multi-View Touchscreen Monitors for Windows 8

CES 2013: Sharp Shows Off World's Largest LED HDTV

CES 2013: Razer Shows Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

CES 2013: WiHD (WirelessHD) Gaming Tech Comes of Age

CES 2013: Nvidia's Grid Gaming Service - We Go Hands-On

CES 2013: Wacom Shows Off Larger Cintiq Touchscreen Displays

CES 2013: X-Gaming Demonstrates Their X-Arcade Machine Cabinet

CES 2013: Kingston Shows DataTraveler HyperX Predator 1TB USB Flash Drive

CES 2013: Otterbox Shows Armor Series Waterproof Cases for iOS, Android Phones

CES 2013: Exclusive Photo Gallery From The Floor

CES 2013: In Win Shows Off Latest PC Cases - Oh Wow!

CES 2013: Kingston Shows Off 1 TB Hyperx Predator Drive

CES 2013: Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Playing Rift: Storm Legion Hands-On

CES 2013: Nvidia Streaming Dead Trigger On An Asus Transformer Laptop

CES 2013: WiHD Wireless HD Gameplay with Need For Speed Thrustmaster

CES 2013: Nvidia Stream Service Need For Speed: Sound Lagging Problems

CES 2013: Nvidia Stream Shows Street Fighter IV Shows Gameplay Input Lag

CES 2013: A Quick Video Collage Direct From The Floor - Experience The Show Now!

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