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Win Vblank's Retro City Rampage for PSN in our exclusive giveaway spectacular! Full pixel-pushing rules and regulations inside!

Written by Popzara Staff (Popzara Staff)

Poking fun at some of the most popular 8-bit games of the past (with a smidge of Grand Theft Auto), Retro City Rampage will have you doing all kinds of crazy missions from stealing cars to disarming bombs underwater. At long last, Vblank Entertainment's indie sensation is arriving on the PlayStation Network and to help you see what the retro 8-bit fuss is about, we’re giving you a chance to win a copy of your very own in our exclusive Rocking Retro Giveaway Spectacular!!

And we’re making it easier than blowing in a NES cartridge to win, as you can snag one of several PSN codes by simply joining our Facebook, Google+, or Twitter feeds by clicking below or shoot us an email direct to popzara@gmail.com with your answer to the following question:

“What’s Your Favorite 8-bit Classic?”


Whether it’s Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., Metroid or Bionic Commando, share your love of the classics for a chance to win one of the following:


Retro Rampaged Award: One (1) Redeemable Code for Vblank Entertainment's Retro City Rampage for PSN

The Rocking Retro Giveaway Spectacular!! begins Friday January 25th and runs until Friday February 1st. Winner(s) will be chosen and contacted that weekend over Twitter or Facebook, so please keep your eyes on any emails or posts from us during that time. In the event we are unable to contact our first-place winner(s), new winner(s) will be chosen at that time. The contest is open to everyone and no purchase is required to enter.

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