Peter Skerritt Avatar Posted on 6/12/2013 by Peter Skerritt

A look at CI Games' 2014 RPG, Lords of the Fallen that's coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Written by Peter Skerritt (editor-at-large)

Lords of the Fallen is a medieval RPG that combines exploration with ďtacticalĒ combat to deliver an experience that bears watching when itís released in 2014.

There will be multiple classes for players to assume, and those classes can be changed in-game based on the gear selected. These class changes may also be advantageous at certain times. Some classes emphasize brawn over finesse, others focus on close combat, and others are more balanced. As characters level up, skill points can be distributed in various areas. There hasnít been a decision made about a level cap yet, but it was disclosed in the presentation that a New Game + mode was possible.

Combat is most interesting. Hack & slash fans will have some re-learning to do as the combat here is based on enemy pattern recognition and knowing when to counter. Thereís some resemblance to a fighting game in how a bit of strategy is required to dodge or block and then identify when to strike. Some enemies are quick, others are slow and strong, and boss characters are enormous. To help with the combat, each character class has a special skill that can be activated. The Rogue class, which was shown in the demo, has the Shadow ability. This ability stops time and allows the character to circle around the enemy and attack from behind. The combat has its own brutal (and satisfying) finishing moves, too.

The game world will be expansive and connected. There are secrets galore for players who want to take the time to explore the world, including audio tablets that share lore about the world and the characters in it, extra weapons and armor, and even full equipment caches to alter classes when desired. There are also multiple paths to reach certain objectives, which can allow players to skip potentially fatal areas with roads a bit less dangerous.

The game looks and sounds stunning. The graphics engine was built from the ground up, with particle and lighting effects which show off the power of the new generation of consoles. The monster and character designs are varied and detailed, too. The sound was great already, with voiced characters, strong weapon sounds, and fitting music.

Look for more on Lords of the Fallen in the coming months. Itís a game thatís definitely worth keeping an eye on and made a positive first impression on me.

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