Katsuhiro Otomo and three other directors serve up a wild anthology of anime shorts in the wonderful and bizarre collection that is Short Peace.
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Lacks the nostalgic pulp magazine atmosphere that made its predecessor so much fun, but as a Marvel film it gets the job done.
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More audacious than volume one, mostly because of von Trier’s willingness to delve into the darker, often unexplored recesses of the mind.
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In spite of Berry's incredible performance(s), the film cannot escape its controversial subject matter or its melodramatic plot.
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Disney returns its Peter Pan spin off series to the high seas in The Pirate Fairy.
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Competently made and well cast, though it tells a story so rote and predictable that you might as well watch it with a checklist of genre clichés.
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Like its predecessor, this cross between martial arts and torture porn is an utterly repugnant exercise in everything we should be striving to purge from our psyches.
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Though unlikely to be appreciated by biblical purists, the film succeeds because the title character is developed beyond preconceived notions.
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Disney’s highly successful animated musical comes home in high definition with the Frozen: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray.
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With all the mistakes made by its predecessor corrected, this is the best Muppets film in years.
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